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Use at your own risk, test carefully! This function is unsupported, because there are too many possible combinations and we cannot guarantee for all scenarios.

Convert into static text

Allows us to convert editable fields into readonly ("static") display fields.

dv.getFields(["field1", "field2", "..."]).toStatic();


There may be several special fields and data-type-combinations which cannot be converted into static. Test it carefully before using in production!

Known Issues

As mentioned before, this is an experimental feature. Use it at your own risk after testing carefully. There are several known issues

  • Checkboxes converted toStatic may not post their values to the server on insert/update.
  • When using cascading dropdowns, a dependent dropdown may not be able to read the selected value of the master-dropdown, if this has been converted toStatic. Therefore the dependent dropdown may not list options at all.

See also

  • For lookups, inputs and checkboxes you may consider using .disable() instead