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  • FIX Before, AppGiniHelper.DV.getField("date_field").getValue(true) always returned a Javascript Date object or null.
    It now returns a string according to configured dateTimeFormat (AppGini.dateTimeFormat()) which is MM/DD/YYYY by default.
    AppGiniHelper.DV.getField("date_field").getValue(false) still returns a Date object.
  • FIX Before, AppGiniHelper.DV.getField("...").toStatic() raised a WARNING in console, if field was readonly (static) already, for example for primary key fields.
    We are not showing warnings any longer if field was identified as "static"
  • FIX Before, AppGiniHelper.DV.getField("...").toStatic() replaced the default <input/>-tag by a <div/>. When saving the record, the input's data was not posted to server. Now we keep the <input/> and change type to hidden.



  • FIX In AppGiniHelper debugmode, the Form-Validation-Fix (See here) created many console.log-entries about "#delete" button not found if record was readonly or user did not have permission to delete.


  • FIX Layout improvement for Lookups in readonly mode when using table-dependent icons with text on lookup buttons ("eye"-buttons)
    Problem was different button height of ViewParent-button and AddNewParent-button if 1st button got icon + additional text, but 2nd button only got icon. Different height problem has been fixed by adding a very thin spacer character to 2nd button.



  • FIX Bugfix in toColumns()-method:
    Eye-button did not work after moving lookup field into column.

Release 2022-12

  • FIX dv.getField("boolean_field").setValue(true|false)
    checks checkboxes correctly now
  • FIX addGroup(..., [fieldnames], ...)
    if any given field does not exist, there will be a warning in console now
  • FIX get.getField("...").toStatic()
    ...supports prepended or appended icons now
  • FIX dv.getField("...").getValue(false) returns HTML instead of Text, if exists
  • FIX dv.getField("fieldname").getValue()
    ...returns correct value for readonly checkbox fields now

RELEASE 2021-07


  • FIX Move readonly (!) images into custom tabs

RELEASE 2020-10-26-1


  • FIX problems with readonly images in multi-column layouts


  • FIX dv.getActionButtons().addGroup(...).addLink()
    fixed problem with Variation


  • FIX var dv = AppGiniDetailView.getInstance();
    Avoid duplicate initilization of AppGiniDetailView or AppGiniTableView
    If, for example, someone initializes new AppGiniDetailView() in header-extras.php AND tries to inizialize another new AppGiniDetailView() in TABLENAME-dv.js, there will be an exception.
    Correct usage:
    in header-extras.php: var dv = new AppGiniDetailView();
    later on in TABLENAME-dv.js:
    var dv = AppGiniDetailView.getInstance();


  • FIX label-function now keeps the red (indicator for required fields) when replacing the label text
    new AppGiniField("required_field_name").label("My new label text");


  • FIX select2 problems with IE11 (Internet Explorer 11).
    Had to remove focus-simulation for lookups for IE77.
    Other browsers still support focus- and blur-events


  • FIX (Experimental) toNumber if value is NULL there was as "NaN" display.
    Has been fixed for storing empty values (NULL values).


  • FIX (Experimental) modified .toLeft() function for optimized table view rendering


  • FIX adding file upload fields to tab if record is editable

RELEASE 2020-04-30-08

  • FIX small change in .inline() function when number of widths if different to number of fields


  • FIX auto-showing formerly collapsed layout rows after being moved into tab


  • FIX AppGiniHelper client side js library expected a server side php script which is non-existant in customer's environment.
    Removed AJAX call for that server side php script.

## 2019/11/06 * FIX addGroup name parameter: special characters will be replaced by -


  • FIX fixed bug with label-width on smaller devices


  • FIX multi-column-layout / resizeLabels() not changes the width of (richtext) areas correctly


  • FIX multi-column-layout / moving radiobutton into columns