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Rearrange order

Allows you to rearrange the order of ChildrenTabs in Detail View.


This is about ChildrenTabs, not about Custom Tabs . CustomTabs can be rearranged by just changing the order of creation.

Given the following ChildrenTabs...

  1. tab1
  2. tab2
  3. tab3
  4. tab4

...the following .sort -function call will rearrange the ChildrenTabs according to the order, given in 1st arguent, which is and array of strings (child-tablenames):

// file: hooks/TABLENAME-dv.js
AppGiniHelper.DV.getChildrenTabs().sort(["tab3", "tab1", "tab2"])

New Order of ChildrenTabs:

  1. tab 3
  2. tab 1
  3. tab 2
  4. tab 4
    (tab4 has not been touched)

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