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Date Picker

Single Field Date Picker If you want a single field date picker instead, you can turn any datetime field into a dropdown datepicker now.


This will work on datetime fields only, not on date fields. So please ensure you turn the fields you want to change into DateTime first. See Step 1 below.

Step 1

Create a new datetime field or change an existing date field into a datetime field:

Step 2

In Table View, DateTime fields will be displayed including the selected time, for example 2008-03-28 13:41:12. When turning a datetime field into a datepicker, the time-part will always show up as 00:00:00 in table view.

To remove the time part in table view, please change the data format for the field:

Please note: If you don't have a suitable format (without time part) in the list, yet, you may follow the next steps:

  1. Save your AppGini project and close AppGini
  2. Open your AppGini installation directory on your PC, which usually is C:\Program Files (x86)\AppGini_5.80\ then open the subdirectory add-ons. There is a file named dataFormats.cfg inside.
  3. Create a backup of dataFormats.cfg
  4. Download the attached ZIP-file (see download link below)
  5. Extract and copy dataFormats.cfg from the ZIP-file into the add-ons-directory, overwrite the existing file
  6. Start AppGini and load your project
  7. Select the datetime field you wish to change and chose one of the new date formats


Download ZIP-file which contains dataFormats.cfg

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