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Release 2023/02/18

  • FIX Show pagination buttons below TilesView
    < Previous   1   |▼  Next >
  • NEW Diplay number of records below TilesView similar to footer of TableView
  • NEW Highlight button of selected View (TilesView / TableView)
  • TilesView mode
  • TableView mode

  • IMP Slightly modified positions of tv-toolbar buttons for better usability

  • IMP Hide additional TableView buttons (less, more, toggle columns) in TilesView-mode
  • NEW Loading-indicator to indicate work in progress if variable TilesViewAutoHideTableView is set to true
  • IMP Added ability to hide TableView on load to avoid flickering
    TilesViewAutoHideTableView = true;

Release 2023/02/17

  • NEW Reload TilesView if you have dynamically reloaded (updated) the TableView by Javascript. Requires accessible variable.

Release 2023/01/09

  • FIX Minor bugfixes and improvements